Video Visits/Telemedicine

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to make our Pediatricians available for Video Visits (everyday noon-10pm). Parents can set up a visit through the link below:

Launch Video Visit

*There are obvious limitations to video visits, and in some cases, the Pediatrician will recommend that you are seen in person (at your PCP, or an ER)*

For patients who have not been seen at the clinic: after completing the registration on the link, please send an email with pictures of your drivers license and insurance cards to (put video visit somewhere in the email to make it easier for our front office staff)

For patients that have been seen at the clinic before: please email a copy of your insurance card if there have been any changes

This is something new for us, and we anticipate there will be some challenges with it, but we hope it will be helpful for parents. If you have questions, please email